Madeline Carol

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Madeline Carol offers ghost images and paintings of the lowcountry.

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Broad Street Bombardiers

Madeline Carol, an artist known for her ventures into unusual aspects of Charleston history, brings about an accommodation of the recent conflict between nature and the arts in "Broad Street Bombardiers." A heron is shown with three nearly camouflaged babies, nesting serenely in a setting of Charleston antiquity, oblivious to the plastic owl glaring down form above. Finely detailed on one hand to capture the forms of the Charleston roof lines and the yellow-crowned heron, yet impressionistic enough to communicate artistic feeling and to allow the configurations of owl forms in the foliage - Madeline Carol's "Broad Street Bombardiers" achieves an artistic balance of styles that reflects a balance between nature and man.


Magical Moment

Join me for a Magical Moment at one of the most important landmarks in Charleston: White Point Gardens at the Battery. You have entered a world where children play on the cannons, couples stroll, and warm summer breezes recount the memories of music from the bandstand. It is a moment where fantasy and reality combined break through the boundaries of the imagination.

Image Size:  15 3/4" x 29 1/2"


Hospitality, A Charleston Tradition

(Gold Medallion edition!)

Charleston's Pineapple Fountain, the center feature of Waterfront Park, provides a symbol of hospitality and welcome which has been a tradition since the city's founding in 1670.
This majestic symbol of warm Southern hospitality welcomes visitors from all over the world.

The sights and sounds of the ghost-like images provide an impression of approval from the past. This approval is founded in the continued hospitable nature of Charleston's people and the welcome symbol of the present.

Image Size:  17" x 23 1/2"



Charleston's Timeless Treasure

(Gold Medallion edition!)

The Holy City

Image Size:  17" x 23"

Step Back In Time

The most fashionable place for an evening stroll in the late 1730's was the Bay, now known as East Bay. On East Bay Street stands a group of houses known as Rainbow Row. This lower East Bay neighborhood was once the city's heartbeat and is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, having been settled in the late 1670's. Rainbow Row was once the scene of commercial activity. For generations it was inhabited by rich merchants, who imported goods from Europe.

Image Size:  17" x 23"


The Final Moments + The Morning After

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As the eye moved into the Charleston area, the storm surge came crashing down on a flooded Folly Beach, and the Atlantic House which had fought so valiantly was lifted from its foundation and began crumbling and tearing apart in the force of Hurricane Hugo. It is this energetic and violent finale which is captured in the first of the Atlantic House Commemorative Series, "The Atlantic House, The Final Moments".

In the second part of the commemorative series Madeline Carol revisits the Atlantic House for the final time. In Part Two of the Commemorative Series, she takes you back to the morning after, so that you can see what awaited the first human eyes and memory. There is the wreckage and yet the ghostly apparition of what once was. Part Two is painted with the exact view as Part One. It should prove to be thought provoking as "The Atlantic House, The Final Moments"

These prints are presented in a double window, one above the other as shown in the picture, and are both individually signed


America's City of Heroes & Angels

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Southern Grace & Charm

17 1/4 × 23 1/2 - LE/SN