Southeastern Wildlife


Here are all the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition prints to date.
As far as I know, this is the only place on the internet where you can see a listing of them and pictures!
Please excuse the poor image quality, these were scanned in from a magazine with tiny pictures.
I have collaborated with some of my art colleagues in the area to make this list of prints as accurate as possible as far as the availability of each print is concerned.

Please note the current CLEARANCE pricing on the posters!

Just click the drop down menu under the picture to select the poster rather than the mini size

Any Mini prints marked as available framed will be framed in a Navy matte with a Dark Wood molding - like this one:



Poster Sold Out/Mini Never Printed



Poster Sold Out/Mini Never Printed



Poster Sold Out/Mini Never Printed

1986 - The Boys


1987 - School Daze

Poster Sold Out/

Mini Sold Out

You can find the poster version of this print on the Misc Artists page of this website.
The version of the print listed there is not SEWE related, but is the same print.

1988 - The Patriot

Poster Sold Out

Mini Sold Out

1989 - Hangin' Out

sold out

1990 - Close Encounter


Sold Out

1991 - Boot Camp

Sold Out

1992 - Silent Shadows

1993 - Miss Scarlett

sold out

1994 - Flower Dancers


1995 - Just Kitt'n Around


1996 - High Plains Drifters

1997 - Harbor Pilot

1998 - Spring Fancy

1999 - Alight

2000 - Eyes of the Prairie

2001 - Summer Morning

sold out

2002 - Carolina Wren

(This is the only mini print that we do not sell with a matte)

2003 - First Day Out

Sold Out

2004 - Morning Covey
  (please note that this print is larger than the other minis)


2005 - Island Sentinel


2006 - Happy Hour

2007 - On the Prowl
sold out

2008 - The Bachelors

2009 - Island Strutters
sold out


2010 - On The Alert
sold out

2011 - Southern Covey



 2012 - Morning Graze


 2013 - Riversong
sold out

2014 - High Ground

sold out


2015 - Scouting the Territory

Sold Out