Post Purchase

Thank You for your Purchase!

Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you.

In the next few days,

please be on the lookout for further email communication regarding the Cost to Ship your order.

Don't see any emails?

Please also check your Spam folder.


Due to the fact that many of my items include large pieces of glass and so must be packaged to get to you as safely as possible,

I break the purchasing process into TWO steps.

After you make your purchase, I will contact my shipper, figure the best method of shipment, get the exact shipping price and then send you an invoice for this.

If you purchase a large framed print - please do not be surprised by the cost of shipping as it will be between $70 - $90!

If you have any special shipping requests, please let me know ASAP.

Once the shipping has been paid, I will send your pictures with Insurance & Tracking!


If you should have any questions regarding the checkout process, please call my Son - Christopher Polk.

His # is 843-697-3234

He built & maintains this website and online orders.

You may also email him at

However, if you wish for me to process your payment over the phone or if you have any other questions,

you are more than welcome to just give me (Pamela Polk) a call and place your order over the phone.


Return Policy:

Returns and Cancellations

Do you require buyers to cancel or return items within a specific time period?

You have 2 weeks to cancel or return items.

Are there exceptions to your return or cancellation policies?

If the buyer comes up with a good reason, yes.

Do you require buyers to return items in their original shipping containers and/or packaging?


Will you or the buyer pay for postage?

The Buyer

Do you charge restocking or other fees?



What shipping methods and options do you offer?

I work closely with my shipper who has been shipping stuff for many years.

He packages things so well, I have yet to have had anything broken during shipment.

We will decide the best shipment method at the time of shipment.

The buyer may request a particular carrier & speed if they wish.

Which shipping carriers do you use?

Mainly UPS but sometimes others depending on customer location & item(s) being shipped.

What are your shipping rates?

These vary, however, they are exact prices particular to each order.

How do you handle out of stock or backordered items?

Buyer will be contacted and will be given the option to wait for the item to be replenished or have their order cancelled and payment refunded.