Madeline Carol

The Artist

Madeline Carol offers ghost images and paintings of the lowcountry.

What We Offer

The majority of the prints we have for this artist are SIGNED AND NUMBERED.

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Charleston's Timeless Treasure

(Gold Medallion edition!)

The Holy City

Image Size: 17" x 23"

Broad Street Bombardiers

Madeline Carol, an artist known for her ventures into unusual aspects of Charleston history, brings about an accommodation of the recent conflict between nature and the arts in "Broad Street Bombardiers." A heron is shown with three nearly camouflaged babies, nesting serenely in a setting of Charleston antiquity, oblivious to the plastic owl glaring down form above. Finely detailed on one hand to capture the forms of the Charleston roof lines and the yellow-crowned heron, yet impressionistic enough to communicate artistic feeling and to allow the configurations of owl forms in the foliage - Madeline Carol's "Broad Street Bombardiers" achieves an artistic balance of styles that reflects a balance between nature and man.