Jim Booth

 The Artist

Jim Booth is a local artist located in nearby James Island

What We Offer

We carry nearly his full line of artwork in three sizes:  Small, Medium & Large

*Note: Not all prints available in each size

We have these sizes in two framing choices (Dark Wood or Ornate Gold) and three matting choices

(Shown Below)

Framing Choices (Dark Wood or Gold)

*Pictures vary due to lighting (wood may appear more cherry)

Dark Wood Frame Style (on Small Prints)


Dark Wood Frame Style (on Medium Prints)


Dark Wood Frame Style on Large Prints
(Wider than frame on Small prints)

Ornate Gold Frame (all sizes)

Matting Choices

 Green Outside & Maroon Inside


Maroon Outside & Green Inside



If you have any questions or would like to see additional pictures, please don't hesitate to ask!
Average Image Size

Small: 2 5/8" x 4 3/4 Medium: 11 1/4" x 19 1/2" Large: 17 1/8" x 29 1/2"

Average Matted Size

Small: 7" x 9" Medium: 16" x 24" Large: 24" x 36"

Limited Edition only (signed/numbered) = LE/SN
 Angel Oak

Atlantic House

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Charleston Defenses

Although Charleston was the Union's most sought after prize of the Civil War, it was never taken by force. 

This painting depicts the fortifications defending Charleston which withstood the heaviest naval bombardment in the history of it's time.

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Cotton Clipper

"Cotton Clipper" depicts the old clipper ships in the Charleston harbor during the 1850's



Daufuskie Light

"Daufuskie Light" is the first in a series of South Carolina's major lighthouses as they appeared when functioning.

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Evening Rainbow Row

Evening Tide

"Evening Tide" depicts a coastal barrier island located at the entrance to Charleston Harbor. 

A flight of brown pelicans glides up the beach past the deserted Morris Island Lighthouse which now stands watch over shifting sand dunes with their golden sea oats.


First Light

Carolina Legacy

Folly Pier

For nearly half a century, generations of South Carolinians danced and enjoyed the Folly Pier.  The nostalgia of a time and place now gone forever is to be remembered by fishermen, strollers, dancers, sightseers, sunbathers, and vacationers.  The Folly Pier was opened June 18, 1931 and was tragically destroyed by fire around 3 AM on the bitter cold night of January 9 1977.  The Folly Pier was Rock N' Roll and much more.  The Folly Pier was the "in place" with the dances that included the two-step, fox trot, polka, waltz, jitterbug, shag, bop, twist, monkey, dog, monster mash, and many others.  Here is a partial list of some of the bands and people who appeared at the Folly Pier: Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, Harry James, Sammy Kaye and the Ink Spots, Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Guy Lombardo, Glenn Miller, Phil Harris, Dinah Shore, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs, The Drifters, and many more.

Good Old Days

Goose Creek

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Island Girls


Shrimp Trawlers

Shem Creek 1970's

King Street

King Street 1900" captures the grandeur of old Charleston at the turn of the century.  A picture into the past, showing the many unique buildings and a lifestyle, which has long since vanished.  Trolley cars along with horses and buggies added to the quiet pace of the city.  Merchants would hang their wares out to display, adding to the color and beauty of each unique shop.  Much of the city still remains as it was in 1900, making it one of the most unique cities in the nation.

Lowcountry Sunset


Majestic Marsh

"Majestic Marsh" captures a low country sunset with its magic colors and tranquil islands. 

The tropical, lush green salt marshes, palmettos, and pines adorn the sea islands as an osprey sits watchfully over the tranquil setting.  This is certainly nature at her best!

Morris Island Light

The Morris Island Lighthouse was built in 1876 and decommissioned in 1963.

The tower currently stands 300 yards from the beach, where it battles the elments and ever rising tides.  Well over 100 years old, the light reminds us of its glorious and rich past as a guiding beacon to safe harbor.


Night Watch

As the storm rages and seas are angered, a faithful beacon glows in the night, guiding the mariner to safe harbor. 

"Night Watch" is one of  Jim's many renderings of the Morris Island Lighthouse.




Palmetto Sunrise

Palmetto Sunset

Sunset in the low country, with its broad expanse of marsh and water is like no other. 

South Carolina's famous Palmetto tree is silhouetted against the sky as a shrimp trawler rest at dock.

Phantom Light

"Phantom Light" captures an unusual view of the Morris Island Lighthouse.  Although the lighthouse was decommissioned and turned off in 1963, the sun would reflect off the glass panes atop the tower giving the appearance that the light was still lit.  This occurred most commonly during the early mornings and late afternoons.  To see the light atop the tower decades after it was shut off gave one an eerie feeling that maybe ghost had manned the light and had refused to let the light die.  The glass has since been blown out by many coastal storms, including Hurricane Hugo in 1989.



Pineapple Fountain

Rainbow Row II


The quaint charm of Charleston is reflected on Colonial Lake in downtown Charleston, SC.



Reflections II



Running The Wind

Racing with the wind on the high seas against time, the elements, and one's inner self challenges the sailors of the inaugural "Charleston to Bermuda Race" May 11, 1997.

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Savannah Shoals

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